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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2005|12:42 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Don't - Shania Twain... on MMM....]

Went out for supper with my cousin Jody tonight, he goes back to BC tomorrow cause his training is over. I'm kinda sad to see Jody go cause he seems to be the most fun of all my cousins. He tries to set me up with his friends and gives me actual advice instead of saying "all guys are jerks, never date!" We went to Jesters Court after supper, it is pretty nice there. (I still like Dolans better though) Of course as soon as the band was done we had to take off because Richard is in the band and he won't stop asking me out (!!), so I try to avoid him as much as possible. I wish Jody had tried to set me up with his friend Derek, he was cute, but he was going to see some girl when they left so, what can ya do, plus, he is going back to BC on Thursday, so that would be the shortest relationship ever. haha. Anyway, gotta work at 11 tomorrow. Bed time. Oh yeah, my birthday is Saturday, I'm excited cause we're having another party. :)
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|09:05 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Mandy Moore - Someday we'll know]

It's been AGES since I updated. I've been so sick and exams have kicked my ass! Anyway nothing really to say except I got really good marks this semester, I'm so excited, I got 2 B's, a B- and an A-. Yay for me!! Anyway, I graduate in a week and a day, but I start more classes on Monday, boourns!!! Anyway, gotta go to bed, my back is killing me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2005|05:14 pm]
Reply with an anonymous comment for each, then take back to your own LJ and post:

1. One cryptic I may understand...but I may not.

2. One compliment you've wanted to give me.

3. One random thing just off the top of your head.

4. One celebrity you hate to admit you are attracted to.

5. One celebrity you love to admit you are attracted to.

6. How old do you feel?

7. About how long have we known each other/known of each other?

8. And a hint as to who you are.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2005|09:56 pm]
So I got my job at Zellers, I've only worked one day so far other than training. It seems pretty good so far. The people are really nice, and helpful. I spent my first day on cash today all by myself, they trained me for an hour and then left me alone, but when I had a problem the other cashiers were very helpful.
I went to see Trevor today after work since he didn't show up for class on Wed and he gave me the easter card that he got for me and some chocolates. It's so nice to get a card for no real reason. Jessica thinks that I should date him, she thinks he's just great. haha, it's funny. Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Hopefully I'll get to update more often now that school is almost over.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2005|05:55 am]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |love me for me - Ashlee Simpson]

It's been AGES since I updated this thing. School has been kicking my ass this year. I hope next year is a little better. Oh well, what can you do? I quit my job when I got back from Texas because I was just so sick of not having breaks. It sucks to have to pee for 2 or 3 hours before your done work and having to wait because by the 2nd hour you just want to die you have to pee so bad. Anyway, I've applied for a few other jobs, I had an interview at Zellers last week. I'm sure I'll find something. Anyway, only two weeks left of school and so much to do, I can't wait for the summer since I won't be in classes and I can relax! :) I think my roomie and her friends and I are going to go to Warped Tour in July. I really hope that we do because it will be so much fun! I hate when people tell me that they'll do something with me and make big plans and decide like a month before that they can't (it's happened the last three years with other people going to Warped Tour) because I can't go alone. How much fun would that not be? Anyway, hopefully it will work out this summer. And now I'm off to go to the market, YAY! I love not having a job.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|07:52 am]
Gone to Texas for March break, YAY!!!
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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2005|09:31 am]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |tonight and the rest of my life - nina gordon]

It's been AGES AND AGES since I last updated! I'm such a loser, I never do anything but go to work, school and study. I go to Texas for spring break in eight days though, yay!! I can't wait for summer to come, I'm so sick of school. I'm not doing too bad though, except in Economics, but half the class failed the midterm so I don't feel so bad anymore. haha Anyway, that's it for now. Maybe something fun will happen sometime soon.
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2005|01:27 pm]
Does anyone know of a good filesharing program other than WinMX? I can't download anything!!! *cries*
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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2005|11:21 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

It's been ages and ages since I wrote in my journal!! Crazy! I went to my friend Matt's for a party when I was home, it was wild, I can't remember if I wrote about it already, but the power was out for three hours and the place was a huge mess in the morning. So, what is new with me, I'm getting back into classes, and I'm still working, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Anyway, I'm off to bed, but I thought I should do atleast a little update. :)
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:03 pm]
[Current Mood |giddygiddy]
[Current Music |Rumors - Lindsay Lohan]

It's been AGES since I wrote in my journal. Finals are done, finally! and I think I have a permenant computer. Since the last time I wrote, I have been through three because Staples keeps giving me fucked up ones that have modems that don't work or broken pixels. I hate Staples with a passion. So, I got home for Christmas tomorrow and I can't wait. I am only home until the 26th or 27th though because I work every day next week. But then I am officially unemployed because I quit after a huge blowup with my boss who I have decided is bipolar. Anyway, Matt is having a big party on the 23rd and I really excited about it. I havn't been to a house party for ages. It's going to be a busy Christmas I think. But oh well. This is actually the first year since I was 12 that my parents actually have gifts under the tree for me that I don't know what they are. haha, it's driving me crazy. So yeah, I'm off to clean my room. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!
PS. Thanks so much again for the card Lex.
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